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Binance CEO dispels rumors

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Binance made in the last few weeks, increasingly. Apparently the facts are not certain scribblers, but enough to eat. The cryptographic stock exchange denied the rumors about the listing of XVG (Verge) and XRP (Ripple) as well as the introduction of Fiat-crypto trading pairs – for the time being.

The rumors kitchen in the crypto world seems to be never cold. If it cools something, be transformed of the possible considerations in definitive announcements. So sometimes like is more wishful thinking than real facts form the Basis. So it happened also with Binance. The announcement that Binance a USD crypto-trade wool pair insert, was in many places considered very positive. The direct purchase of crypto-currencies with the US Dollar would, however, facilitate trade significantly. Also BTC-ECHO reported that this possibility could exist, but pointed out that the Deal is not yet complete. Instead, Binance is currently in talks with banks.

Binance CEO complains of alleged psychics

In addition, circulating on the Internet, the assumptions, Binance would soon lists XVG and XRP as a possible Fiat-crypto trading pairs. A collaboration with banks for a possible support of Fiat insist currencies but the US Dollar is in the short term, no potential candidate. Binance CEO Zhao Changpeng is on Twitter easily upset by the alleged fortune-tellers that have put those rumors in the world:

“While we can’t predict the future, try it. Both ‘messages’ are not correct. We work with banks (in order to support potentially Fiat), but in the short term, there is no USD-plans. Neither XVG yet XRP is involved. Were you careful in perspective ‘crystal ball’ -messages.”

As before, so that you should not believe everything found on the World Wide Web dissemination. Too many half-truths, incorrect thinking, interpretations and desire quickly to erroneous messages. A good source of analysis is essential when it comes to obtain reliable information – that we know.

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