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AntPool sacrifices Mining fee for the General welfare of the people

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The Bitcoin Cash Mining Pool, AntPool expressed with respect to a combustion of the Token. The target was a part of the Mining reward to the entire network, and so as to make the Holding of Bitcoin Cash more attractive. It is an attempt to strengthen the BCH Ecosystem seems.

After the Hard Fork on 1. August 2017, the birth of Bitcoin Cash, went to Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash their separate ways. While the Bitcoin price has remained an all-time high after the next climbed, Bitcoin Cash price. In the last few days, was able to BCH to catch up a few percentage points. One of the triggers for this could be the action of AntPool, the drive is a creative and unusual strategy to raise the price.

What do you mean, burn Token?

In the Bitcoin protocols, such as Bitcoin Cash, in a transaction to make, one needs the so-called Pprivate Key. The owner of such a secret key, a digital signature corresponding to a Public Key to generate. The network detects this signature and also the transaction as valid. However, there are also Public Keys that have no corresponding Private Key. Consequently, all of the stocks on this public address are lost forever – no one can spend.

AntPool would like to increase the BCH-value

This fact utilizes to burn AntPool 12 percent of the fees received – so, to send to an abandoned address. As a result, the amount of Bitcoin Cash is reduced. At constant demand, the price goes up. For Bitcoin-Cash-Hodler is thus a stronger incentive to keep the crypto-currency. AntPool emphasized that the investors, what is the Bitcoin to hold Cash as a store of Value, are essential for a strong economy. Accordingly, AntPool would like to make with its policy, the Bitcoin’s Cash network more attractive.

The miners earned transaction fees are an important growth indicator for the BCH-Ecosystem, and if a part of the fees will be burned, parts of the Miner effectively your income with the whole of the BCH network.

AntPool is calling on other miners to do the same, and 12 per cent of the transaction to dispose of charges irretrievably. After all, the Bitcoin-to-Cash rate has risen in the last few days.

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