Another remarkable handshake Trump and Macron

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WASHINGTON – Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron continue to do it: surprising one another with clumsy and uncomfortable masonic handshakes. The presidents of the USA and France want the tradition to keep, so it seemed on Tuesday at their most recent meeting in Washington.

’Awkward handshakes’, write the American media.

The moment occurred at a joint press conference in the East Room of the White House. Broadly smiling, and other overladend with political compliments came again to an ’awkward handshake’, as the American media call it. Only this time it seemed more relaxed than the previous times. The governors seem to realize that their hand contact ’a thing’ has become.

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Trump wants Macron pillow.

Macron, who began with ” cher Donald best Donald eds.), quickly got a debinding hand of Trump and the Frenchman caught on eagerly. The men fell into each other’s arms, but seemed no board to know the situation. It seemed that Trump his ambtsgenoot a kiss on his cheek, wanted to give, as he also earlier in the day already did. The scene ended with a polite ‘thank you’ from Macron, and then Trump the microphone came, Macron looked at and said: “I can have him very very happy.” Later called Trump Macron have his ’friend’.

The extremely long handshake that the two last years had in Paris was widely covered in international media. Trump and Macron were together in total for about 30 seconds, not letting go. The masonic handshakes of Trump are also famous because he has a hand of the other firmly to attract. That encountered previously Macron and also the Japanese prime minister shinzo Abe.

“I like him a lot,” says Trump about his French colleague.

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