Angry woman cuts penis boyfriend off with a hedge trimmer

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CÓRDOBA – A 26-year-old woman from Argentina who is accused of the penis of her boyfriend with a hedge trimmer to have worked, says that she has done this because he and his friends their homemade sekstape showed. “I have his penis is not completely cut off, I have him only injured,” said Brenda Barattini.

Brenda Barattini and the hedge trimmer.

The woman should now be for the court to justify for her action and gives explanation for its rigorous action. In november the knipincident place in the Argentine city of Córdoba.

’Very depressed’

Her 40-year-old friend, Sergio Fernandez, was sleeping when it happened. The man lost ninety percent of his penis and was temporarily in danger. Also he lost a lot of blood.

Sergio Fernandez after the knipincident.

Was able doctors had not to the penis of the man attached to his body. According to a lawyer for the man, he is very depressed. He still has several operations to undergo.

Psychological damage

According to Brenda Baratti, she has a lot of psychological damage experienced by the sekstape, said the Argentine La Voz. She’s already since november fixed in anticipation of her possible punishment.

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