Action group fights fietsverbod centre Prague

d5cb4e2866495db59b7feb30278b05fd - Action group fights fietsverbod centre Prague

PRAGUE – Activists in the Czech republic are to the right stepped on to a fietsverbod in the centre of the capital, Prague, to fight. The association Auto*Mat states that the municipality wrongly cyclists from parts of the tourist centre wishes to keep.

Cyclists in the Letna Park in Prague.

The municipality has determined that as of Thursday, parts of the centre that all as a pedestrian zone, the city and the famous Wenzelplein between 10.00 hours and 17.00 hours forbidden for bicycles. According to the city council the many cyclists a danger for the multitude of pedestrians in the old town. The association Auto*Mat challenges this argument and asserts that in the past ten years in Prague just three collisions between a cyclist and a pedestrian are registered.

The city has two years to return all zones in the historic centre is forbidden. Prague is a tourist attraction and the city received last year, 7.6 million tourists over the floor. That is still about ten million people less than in our capital.

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