4-year-old swallows swimming pool water, must fight for her life

e3b2a61b6a5be46fd89c016920f12609 - 4-year-old swallows swimming pool water, must fight for her life

Florida – The 4-year-old Elianna Grace from Florida in a pool of water ingested, and must now fight for her life. The American infant, after the visit to the water park suffering from fever and respiratory problems.

Photo for illustration only, this is not the girl from the story.

In the pool, played Grace with a so-called zwemnoodle. Some variants thereof are hollow, and Elianna. They blew the water out the water toys and just when she was gasping for breath, spouted another child to water her way, which is right in her throat and bosom.

Elianna had to surrender, but further seemed to be the situation. Two days later, she got fever. Her worried mother reminded a story of a man who died after badwater to have been given and spoedde therefore, with her daughter to the hospital, as is described on Facebook.

Chemicals in the water

The visit to the hospital was the right choice: the toddler had by the pool water aspiration pneumonia incurred. That is a pneumonia, where bacteria infection develops. In this case, the chemicals in the pool water is the cause of the inflammation. The girl could no longer breathe, and the situation was life threatening.

Thanks to a course of antibiotics is Elianna Grace is now recovering and she is discharged from the hospital.

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