Yellow wants Van Persie to ‘absolute’ keep for Feyenoord

1b8e326434ef6e349a70378ea0559d60 - Yellow wants Van Persie to 'absolute' keep for Feyenoord

The management of Feyenoord hopes fervently that Robin van Persie next season still in The Cockpit plays. The 34-year-old attacker has an ongoing contract with the citizens of Rotterdam, but unsure of whether he still physically a year, professional football can handle.

“What concerns us is playing Robin next season for Feyenoord,” said technical director Martin van Geel Monday in a conversation with FOX Sports for the opening of the brand new cup winner.

“We will soon be with each other sit, but as a club we certainly have the intention that we continue. We are very pleased with his contribution on the training ground and in matches. The other players are very impressed with how Robin them information to assist in the professional football. And on the field, he has incredible class show.”

Robin Van Persie returned last winter, back at Feyenoord, the club where he between 2002 and 2004, even though in the beginning played. The top scorer of all times of the Dutch national team signed for a year and a half, but both parties agreed that after each season would evaluate if they stay longer with each other by want to go.

After the won cup final on Sunday against AZ (3-0) told Van Persie that he by physical problems, not sure if he is still a year wants to go to Feyenoord.

“At one time, I must be real. I do really everything, but sometimes falters my body. That has to do with my age. In the coming weeks we are going to look or Feyenoord it is still fun and I still like it.”

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