Very ill Alfie will get Italian passport

fc89824fa5ab3ae1ccea688309d70d34 - Very ill Alfie will get Italian passport

ROME – A seriously ill British child has the Italian nationality. That should be the parents of the 23-month-old Alfie Evans their son “immediately” to Italy, post the Italian news agency ANSA.

The fate of Alfie has the tempers in Britain, high up. The parents want their child to an Italian hospital, but British doctors found that the treatment should be terminated. The child suffers from a rare degenerative brain disorder. British judges ruled earlier that it would be pointless for him to continue to treat it because there is no hope of recovery.

About two hundred supporters of the parents who gathered Monday outside the children’s hospital in Liverpool, where the boy is kept alive. The police had to intervene to prevent a group of activists inside the building would go, message The Guardian. The father of Alfie had people called up to the hospital to pray for his son.

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