Van drives into pedestrians on sidewalk: nine dead

43cbb238be7f051fc079c0dc078680d0 - Van drives into pedestrians on sidewalk: nine dead

TORONTO – UPDATE to 22.50 hours – A white bus in Toronto the sidewalk cranked up and there a number of pedestrians scooped, has nine people fatally injured. Then would the driver in his car, off are gone. Meanwhile the driver picked up.

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The police said nothing about the identity or motive of the director.

According to the Canadian newspaper The Star was the vehicle probably for hire. The incident took place in the northern part of the city, approximately 15 kilometres from the city centre.

President Justin Trudeau is headed to the place where the driver on the pedestrian is broken in. ,,Our thoughts go out to everyone who is affected,” said Trudeau. He said that in the next few hours more announcements would come.

In addition to nine deaths, there were also 16 wounded, reports the Reuters news agency.

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