Thousands of migrants rescued in Mediterranean Sea

1f6ff1c03cde65b730047fd11dbc39b0 - Thousands of migrants rescued in Mediterranean Sea

ROME – More than a thousand migrants over the past two days rescued in the Mediterranean Sea. At least eleven people survived the crossing.

The Italian coast guard gave Saturday and Sunday led to the rescue of around nine hundred people, said a spokesman on Monday. The Libyan coast guard reported a further 263 people to have intercepted. Which migrants were returned to Libya, where chaos reigns since the uprising that led to the fall and death of dictator Muammar al-Kaddafi in 2011.

A spokesman of the Libyan coast guard made Sunday notification of the death of the eleven migrants. They would have to life have come in an attempt by boat to cross to Italy. Libya is regarded as an important starting point for refugees trying to reach Europe.

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