Tears thanks socks Bush Sr.

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HOUSTON – George HW Bush is known for his socks. The former president and father of W. loves eye-catching patterns, such as the American flag, cacti, or even his own face.

George HW Bush vertederde Americans with his socks.

Also at the funeral of his wife Barbara last Saturday wore Bush Senior, a colourful pair. And not because that his style of clothing, but a message to carry. As a tribute to his deceased wife were the socks with a boekenmotief.

Barbara Bush ran for decades, a foundation that families are helped to learn to read. They took in that time, more than 110 million dollars to illiteracy to fight. With his socks wanted Bush to this commitment for the good cause of his wife underline.

On social media, where the mood is often downright negative, were the comments on the socks of the Bush, almost without exception, positive. Twitter users wrote: “What an endless love!” and ” I’ve been three times and cried to the socks of Bush today.

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