Soldier is the first penis and scrotum transplanted get

4501bc486e4f8f11d3775134b58e6316 - Soldier is the first penis and scrotum transplanted get

Baltimore – A team of doctors in Baltimore be successful a penis and scrotumtransplantatie performed on an American soldier. It is the first time that both penis, scrotum at one time to be transplanted.

The team of doctors in the hospital of Johns Hopkins University.

Surgeons from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, argued last month the operation on a soldier who was injured in a bombing in Afghanistan. This is reported in BBC.

The doctors, using a penis, scrotum and part of the abdomen of a donor. The testicles are not transplanted because of ethical considerations. According to the doctors, the patient can the genital organs will soon also use it for sexual purposes.

The operation lasted fourteen hours and was performed by a team of eleven surgeons. The anonymous soldier, with a statement to let you know happy with the result: “When I woke up after the operation I felt finally better.”

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