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Russia: crypto websites are not illegal

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Up to 40 Russian websites that revolve around the topic of crypto-currencies, have been banned in the last few years in Russia. As a precedent has now been overturned by the Supreme court, the prohibition of . The judgment in question is, of course, all the other censorship measures.

In July 2016, a district court ruled in St. Petersburg, that the operation of the website was illegal. The court saw the sole right of the Central Bank pruned to inform the Russian reader of such forms of investment. Crypto were considered currencies, according to the court, as an electronic means of payment, subject to alone the monopoly of the Central Bank. The contributions of the crypto-news page even as “revolutionary” and Well-being of the population is prohibited. There is only one permitted currency in Russia, the ruble. Any “substitutes” like Bitcoin, it was explained in the first instance, is forbidden.

As reported by Russian media, referred to the procedure now, according to the judgment of the Supreme court back to St. Petersburg, to be completed. The defense had tried, among other things, in the first instance, to achieve a positive judgment due to procedural errors. So, you had not charge the operators of the website in question, Nikolai Tonkoshkurov, once, to listen to it.

Russia: future of the crypto sites have not yet been finally clarified

The lawyer for the defense, Sarkis Darbinyan, announced that now in St. Petersburg the future of all the websites is decided, which have to do with ICOs and crypto-currencies. Darbinyan also expressed his disappointment that the Supreme court did not decide how you want to crypto-currencies, in principle, in Russia legally define. He also complained about the fact that you informed the operator of the affected portals once about a ban of your website. Darbinyan hopes that the arbitrariness of the Russian authorities is advanced in the next final verdict is a tie.

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