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Raiblocks (XRB) 40% price increase: RaiExchange Release is imminent

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After the entire market has fallen a total of yesterday, when it goes uphill again today. Particularly strong is the crypto-currency Raiblocks, which registered a price increase of over 40% within the last 24 hours has increased. The development team is on the verge of the programming work on the RaiExchange platform.

The Raiblocks rate has risen within the last 24 hours to 40% (for the editorial team time of 11:00 p.m.), and the Trend is still strongly positive. The market capitalisation has also risen from 1.5 billion euros to 1.9 billion euros .

The reason for the rate increase is likely in the upcoming Live-circuit (current Status on the website: Launching Soon) the RaiExchange platform founded. The Comany behind the RaiExchange Platform announced yesterday on Twitter that it was on the home straight and only minor Tests are necessary.

Furthermore, a developer platform, wrote on Reddit that all programming is provided on the website to 95% finished. The Hype around the new platform seems to be at the international level to be relatively large. But what this exchange is?

On RaiExchange will trade be possible at very low fees Bitcoin against Raiblocks (probably by 0.2%, according to Reddit comment of the developer, which, in comparison to Coinbase 1,49% for transactions under $ 200 is very low). According to the official Twitter Account in a timely manner, the exchange of couples ETH/XRB and LTC/XRB are to follow.

Raiblocks uses a new technology with the name of the Block-Lattice. No transaction fees, and the Transfers run almost in real-time (Instant Transactions). In addition, the crypto-currency is scalable to infinity.

Each RaiBlock address has its own Blockchain, which processes the transactions asynchronously. The main difference to Bitcoin is, however, in the case of the filling of the blocks are visible. A Bitcoin Block is filled with multiple transactions. A Raiblock is, however, provided only with a single transaction, resulting in a much faster transaction processing in real time, can take place without any fees.

This graph is only an exemplary representation of how a lot of transactions, the listed digital currencies per second, however, shows a trend, the differences of the considered currencies.

Whether the short-term price increase can still be continued, or whether the Hype dies down in the next couple of days, and thus the rate drops again, the next few days.

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