Police VS searches schools after shooting

25de5748335888f6c078ac52c2cccb3c - Police VS searches schools after shooting

NASHVILLE – The American authorities to have due to the deadly shooting in Nashville (Tennessee) schools in the area searched. Also, the place secured where school buses stop. The measures are intended to ensure that students and staff safely to school.

The police are still hunting the man who Sunday, largely naked, four people doodschoot at a pub in Nashville. The alleged shooter, Travis Reinking, according to the police, presumably still armed. He hit Sunday on the run after a man and his gun was taken away. The 29-year-old man who the firearm grip, said that he not consider himself a hero sees. ,,I just wanted to remain alive”, he said.

The authorities had four firearms of Reinking last year already seized. That happened after he was arrested at the White House. The local newspaper The Tennessean message that the weapons will then be transferred to the father of Reinking, who according to the authorities back to his son.

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