Police arrest perpetrator of a shooting in Nashville

2dc6cf58462c4a4f33f662defbff9e1d - Police arrest perpetrator of a shooting in Nashville

The police of the American state of Tennessee has Monday Travis Reinking arrested. That is communicated on Twitter by the police themselves. More details were not given.

The police was since Sunday morning to find the man, because he was in a waffle house in the vicinity of Nashville, four people would have been shot.

The police asked Sunday whether a formal indictment against the man that two people doodschoot outside the restaurant. Once inside the waffle house, he shot two people down and injuring two others. Reinking managed during a manhunt, which is still the Sunday morning programme began with the help of search dogs and a helicopter, up Monday from the hands of the police.

One of the people in the waffle house could be worse after he to the weapon the perpetrator had waned. He explained in the meantime, an emotional statement.

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