Paul Rabbering and Krystl from each other

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Paul Rabbering and Krystl have a point behind their relationship. That reveals the singer on Instagram.

“We have an amazingly beautiful time together, and it is now, of course, still difficult to let go”, let Krystl know. “I believe very much that things happen for a reason and that life challenges me. That nothing is what I can’t and the me stronger will make as a human being. But for now it is just very sad.”

Krystl also tells them that they are crazy to find in this way the sad news to have to share. “But people ask regularly to the us and I’ve also often photos of us together posted where you always very sweet to me. Therefore, I would like this also to share with you.”

Paul and Krystl had a six year relationship. On the cause of the breakage is silent the singer.

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