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New ICOBox function simplifies Token-buying process, and increases the security

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ICOBox, one of the world’s leading SaaS solution for businesses, will publish an innovative new Feature called ICOSID, which is to simplify the whole ICO process, both for potential Token-buyers as well as ICOs.

So far, the Token-holder, the constructions ICO-portfolio, by default, Know Your Customer (KYC)/ Anti Money Laundering (AML) had to go through a process, if you want to purchase tokens, in the framework of the ICO.

In addition to the prevent nits the this method potential buyers are preparing, they are also for the ICO operator is a time-consuming and costly task. The advantages of the Blockchain, in particular, the advantage of Speed and security, will be effectively undermined.

This would change ICOBox now with his new feature, the book-building platform, ICOSID,. It is a verification and authorization tool. Through the use of token buyers need to wash only once the Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti – money-method (AML) procedures. After the user’s identity was verified, must register the Person for an ICO project.

Once registered, users need only a single E-Mail address and the Login ID, to buy the tokens for various ICOs. Registered users can also skipping the queue directly, and on the lists for new ICO projects. At the same time the user data is stored in a safe place. In accordance with the core values of ICOBox, the confidentiality and security of all customer data, uses ICOSID encryption of personal data in a secure Cloud, and ensures that the access to the data is done only with the explicit approval.

Once are indicated by a registered customer profiles as “verified”, “verification in progress” or “not verified”. In addition, the data to customer profiles are always up to date, thanks to the left of ICOSID to hundreds of registered databases and data sources, to extract every Time when an ID verification request is received, the information.

The security of the data but also for the ICO projects is important. A verified potential Token buyer who is interested in his project, already fulfilled in 132 countries applicable KYC / AML procedures. Thus, ICOs do not have to spend a lot of time and money for the implementation of the above Compliance process, and can instead focus on offering potential token buyers the best Service.

Because customers expect in General, a simple shopping process, it is for ICOs only makes sense to use the ICOBox platform. ICOBID co-founder Nick Evdokimov said:

For us the customers always come first. That’s why we simplify constantly looking for opportunities, the whole ICO process. We are pleased to be able to provide a platform, which we consider as a potential One-Stop platform for potential Token holder and ICO projects.

The completion, in February, launched a mass integration of ICOSID is planned for the end of April 2018. The interface to Third-Party Services is expected at the end of may.

Companies that plan to ICOs, can inform about the project.

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