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Marc Wilmots accuses father of Thibaut Courtois: “He leaked the ploegopstelling’

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Almost two years after the european CHAMPIONSHIPS gets ex-coach Marc Wilmots to Thierry Courtois, father of the national number one Thibaut. “He leaked the ploegopstelling to the press,” it sounds. ‘Nonsense’, is the response of Courtois. That writes het Nieuwsblad.

Thibaut Courtois, on the european CHAMPIONSHIP 2016 in France two times the tactics of Marc Wilmots in demand, especially after the defeats against Italy (2-0) and Wales (3-1). The coach that was always whitewashed, and he does that in an interview with the French tv channel BeIN Sports again. What is new is that he played the father of Thibaut Courtois, Thierry.

‘Thibaut is in arrears on his words returned,’ said Wilmots, sat in his spacious garden in his hometown of Itching. “He was frustrated, I understand that. I have only a problem with that when I to 18 hours of theory give to 18.15 hours the setup on all web sites. That means that a player, the selection has passed. That is very. French journalists had evidence that father Courtois did. That I find unfortunate. That is in the favor of the opponent. I have when my energy is not wasted, all to find out. I had a problem with my blood and was under the maximum medication.’

Courtois reacts angry and excited at the same time

Thierry Courtois, ex-topvolleybalspeler, reacts angry and excited at the same time. “This is a very serious accusation, and I know that he is spreading tales,” says the father of Thibaut. ‘I don’t understand. I am an athlete, coach and technical director. If you are together for a single purpose works, leaks out of the question. It is also nonsense. Great nonsense. If he says that he has proof that he, than on the come up.’

Courtois is considering to take legal steps. “Who am I to do this? I don’t know what that man done to deserve to have. If he so wants to reduce, he should just do it. I go here not in. The interest I show to him.”

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Wilmots takes it in the interview for Roberto Martinez, who he feels the credit should get. Wilmots sees no reason to keep him after the world cup to replace. He understands only the position of Yannick Carrasco at the Red Devils. Carrasco should be in the 3-5-2 system, the whole left for his taking.

Has Carrasco ever at that position played at his club? No. That is his position. You can with five or six attackers against a weak team play but at a certain level, no more.”

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