Luxor soon theatre with most musicals

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In full regalia, dressed, painted, and cut in the outfit of their role presented for Dutch and foreign musicalsterren for the upcoming musicalseizoen in Rotterdam. The New Luxor Theatre, in the Port city Monday to get a glimpse into what happened after the summer of this year on the boards is to see and to hear.

Musicalgoeroe Frits Sissing explained that in the theatre on the Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam in the coming year, more than 120 performances of 14 different musicals to see. Thus, the theatre is the great range of musicals in the Netherlands.

Somewhat to his shame known Sissing that he never had the original version of Cats live has seen. That English performance in January 2019 two weeks in Rotterdam plays, is also at the top of his to do list for the upcoming season. “Furthermore, I am very curious what Jon van Eerd is going to do in Charley, and I look forward to the pure Dutch productions such as Soof, and especially All Stars. Without it, of course the other productions, too short to do,” says Sissing.

Natural growth

Director Marc van Kaam of the theatre explained that the development of the programme is the result of a natural growth has been in recent years. Van Kaam saw the interest in musical grow, and with the programming subsequent indented. He is especially pleased with the breadth of the offering and proud that it is now possible to to as many performances shelter to offer.

It was also known that the distribution of the Amateur Musical Awards over the next three years in the Luxor will be held. The first four editions of this successful event were in Amsterdam theatres.


The present musicalartiesten were Jasper Demollin and Bart van den Dark (All Stars), Maike Boerdam (Soof), Oliver Ramsdale and Megan Armstrong (Cats), René van Kooten (Evita & Bridges or Madison County), Jon van Eerd (Charley), Irene Cooper (Addams Family), Naomi van der Linden (Color Purple), Lone van Roosendaal (Bridges or Madison County), Bill van Dijk (On Hope of Blessing), Dennis Willekens (Expedition Island), Diederik Rep & Gioia Paris (The Sprookjessprokkelaar), Rogier in ’t Hout (Marvelous) and Michael van Hoorne and Esther van Santen (The Little Mermaid).

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