Lives Ann Tuts ‘house of the future’?

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A stofzuigerrobot, a grasmaaierrobot, an electric self-propelled car, voice assistant, Alexa, home automation on voice operation: Ann Tuts has it all and is clearly ready for the future. No wonder that they are on Tuesday 24 april 2018 to Walter Grootaers, Dimitri Leue and Wouter Deprez for the victory competes in Can Anyone Still Follow?.

Lieven Scheire introduced last week, his ‘Law of Conservation of Hassle”, which says that each unit that is bought to hassle to avoid, as much hassle caused if the elsewhere has avoided. A theory that Ann can confirm. “The previous owner of our house had the idea to switch the shutters in the kitchen cabinet to mount,” she says. “So every time I make a pan with a long handle please, my blinds down.”

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