Lawyer Kevin B.: ’we have won’

8db15751f471e962e3338bb081bd692f - Lawyer Kevin B.: ’we have won’

Gordon is Monday at all points in the equal made during the interlocutory proceedings by his ex Kevin B. is filed against him. Yet it also feels Kevin B. is a winner.

“I’ve always said: in this case, only losers.”, says Vincent van der Velde, a lawyer from Kevin B. at the Telegraph. “But, that applies the other way round also, so there are only winners. Our main goal is achieved.”

“Despite the fact that Gordon is in the equal set, there is really only one thing what my client wanted and that is that the peace would return. And that is since april 9, the case. When has Gordon in the court promised my client and his family and friends to leave alone. That the contact and publicatieverbod during the meeting of today has been rejected, do not really. That event finally.”

To the next steps of thinking Kevin B. and his lawyer at this time. “With this case, there is a lot of dust settled, and the dust must now again to descend.”, continues Van der Velde. “We can always have a case to start, but we are not yet doing. As long as Gordon kept to his promise, and Kevin leave, this is good.”

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