K’s Choice, and Jasper Steverlinck move Niels Destadsbader in for the Love of Music

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The hitmachine Love for Music runs again at full speed. Episode 1 brought a first summer hit continue and catapulted Niels Destadsbader to first place in the iTunes top 10. The legendary singalong songs of The Dinky Toys now Monday, to the later repertoire of Niels Destadsbader. In an episode full of humor and teasing is also a tear weggepinkt when K’s Choice unconsciously a sensitive nerve touch with Niels.

“There is but one song where I fear to have and that is playing Time“, announces Niels. “It’s about my best friend Robbie, who I have lost and is definitely the most personal song I have ever written. Alone for whom this is going to bring, I am nervous, let alone for what they have done.” It is Jasper Steverlinck that the pressure on his shoulders feels increase. He takes it with shaky hands place on the podium. “I’m going to do this with a lot of respect to do”, sounds. But also K’s Choice grabs Niels to the heart. Sarah and Gert chose the meaningful do You Love Me. “I played this at the funeral of Robbie,” says Niels. “He was a big fan of K’s Choice, so this would be great.”

Silvy De Bie brings Monday, a special version of Hey Pa. “A version that you might not of me will expect.” With a subtle country sound surprised her colleagues. A touch of country, there is also in Helmut Lotti’s cover of Sara. He steps down from the English and had an English text to write by his partner Marieke. That Sharon den Adel for Today would choose, was, according to Niels written in the stars. “This is not something that I daily do, but this song is melancholic and has a beautiful text,” she says. Sharon then choose also a resolute choice for a cover in English. Cocojr. liked The Light Comes From a song that is completely in his street. “About carnal love,” he explains. “I have The Light Stays On.” Helmut Lotti invited to a kinky version. Niels closes his episode off with a song that he secretly is jealous: Strange Hands of his idol Marco Borsato.

In between performances teaches the group together more and know better and a lot of laughing. When Niels finds that he has at home something important is forgotten, he is by his colleagues accompany to the market… looking for underpants. Also a skype chat with his 90-year-old grandmother has not escaped the eye of the cameras. The group will also get a very young Niels to see, who entertained clear already from his childhood, in the blood.

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