KNVB introduces annual erewedstrijd

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The KNVB has announced that it stopped internationals every year in an official international match in the sun. In even years, the male football players to be honored, in odd-numbered years, the women’s turn.

Mark van Bommel was in 2014 are off to Orange for an international match with Wales.

It goes according to the KNVB to players who are no longer eligible for Orange or have indicated their status as an active international to want to close.” The first erewedstrijd is scheduled for 13 October, when the Dutch national team in the Johan Cruijff ArenA, Germany receives in the Nations League.

The football association does not give each player the same farewell. There is a distinction between players that are up to fifty competitions, fifty to a hundred or a hundred and more international matches have played. “Depending on their status as international, they received a package accolades to their career in Orange”, according to the KNVB. On the Campus in Zeist is also a special Wall of Fame decorated.

“We want to be in this manner appropriate to say goodbye to our internationals,” says commercial director Jean Paul Decossaux of the KNVB. “It is a tradition that we will always respect. The KNVB is on behalf of all football fans that our key players, because those are the internationals, as an end to their career in Orange earn. It is a tribute to what they brought to us. So we have to deal with the men and women who have given us such pleasure it provides.”

Also loyal supporters will be at the special international match by the KNVB to be rewarded. Fans who make a hundred or more competitions attended, get a keepsake. They are also immortalized on a place on the Campus in sacramento and they get a moment of attention, at the stadium.


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