Kate Middleton gave birth to son

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Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and prince William are the parents of a boy. It is their third child.

The news was announced by Kensington Palace, the residence of the London couple. The baby weighs 3.8 kg, and prince William was present at birth in the hospital. The name of the baby is later published. Arthur, Albert, James and Philip are at the top of the lists of the bookmakers.

It is the sixth acherkleinkind for queen Elizabeth, Saturday, 92 years old passed away. The queen, the heir to the throne prince Charles and the other members of both families “have been informed and are delighted with the news,” according to Kensington Palace, which adds that both Kate as the child of the well.

The baby was born in the St Mary’s hospital, just like his brother George, four and his sister Charlotte of two. He is fifth in line for the British throne, after his grandfather Charles, the prince of Wales and his father prince William and his brother and sister. It is for the first time in the history of the British monarchy that the prince not have his sister jump what follow-up is concerned. That is a reform which the queen instituted and that applies to all births after 28 October 2011. Since then, the oldest child, that the throne is inherited and not the oldest son.

The palace was Kates pregnancy is known in september. The duchess was this morning taken to the hospital, where since then, hordes of fans and journalists waiting for the good news. When that was announced, went the champagne bottles open.

First minister Theresa May has Kate and William all congratulations on Twitter. “My warmest congratulations to the duke and duchess of Cambridge for the birth of their son. I wish them much luck for the future”, tweette May.

British Airways has-as a tribute, a replica of the royal easel in the arrivals hall of Terminal 5 at Heathrow is placed. In this way, it wants the airline the good news to share with its customers that have just landed. British Airways also made sure that passengers who were traveling at the time of the notice, been advised by the cabin crew.

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