Judgment schietzaak terreurverdachte Abdeslam

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BRUSSELS – The Brussels court does Monday’s ruling in the trial against terreurverdachte Salah Abdeslam about a shooting in the Brussels municipality of Vorst in march 2016. Abdeslam (28) is regarded as the only surviving terrorist from the attacks in Paris, france, in november 2015, 130 deaths. Are bomgordel would not have been triggered. The Brussels-born Frenchman, fled to Belgium and went into hiding.

On march 15, 2016 wanted a Belgian-French police team to a place in the Driesstraat in Frost search, when the agents unexpectedly were shot. A sniper shot the Algerian terrorist Mohamed Belkaïd death. In the house also showed Abdeslam, but he escaped, together with the Tunesiër Sofien Ayari.

The pair was three days later arrested in Molenbeek. Four days later, on 22 march, was the deadly attacks in Brussels. Justice does not exclude that Abdeslam in the same network sat. He was in april 2016 France extradited. For the French lawsuit is still no date is known.

It requires for both of them twenty years in prison for attempted murder and possession of weapons in a terrorist context. The session starts at 08.45 hours. According to the federal public prosecutor’s office are Abdeslam and Ayari, itself ‘most likely’ is not present.

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