Jani Kazaltzis looking for perfect love for Koen

d833be23c6dcfde618bc247749052fd1 - Jani Kazaltzis looking for perfect love for Koen

Koen Hardy is a 34-year-old bank clerk from Kessel-Lo. He has a long relationship behind the back with his first real love out of the secondary where he has more than 17 years together. Now he is already more than a year single. His friends-colleagues of the bank felt that it was time to do something about it and forge a conspiracy with Jani.

A few years ago, emaciated Koen more than 50 kg, but his eating habits still to be desired. Pizzas and burgers go smoothly. That is why his girlfriend Hilde him to a cooking class where he is the ever-friendly Evelyn ‘happen’ to know. As Hilde a moment later, her finger cuts, and, so to speak, to the doctor departs, Koen all alone with his date.

Koen is a copywriter at the bank. He creates scenarios for online videos, and if possible, write himself into the starring role. That acteerambitie was the perfect excuse for Koen to seduce to a casting for a commercial for national television. Together with his date, Kathleen –who also happens to be on the casting is – he plays the famous scene from the Titanic. To pillows …

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