Introduction of well-known character in ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’?

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If the producer Lucasfilm depends, will there be in ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ a famous character from the books appears in the hoofdfranchise do. It is going to be Mara Jade, the wife of Luke Skywalker. That writes That Hashtag Show.

Mara Jade would be a kind of replacement for Princess Leia, who is actually the protagonist had to get into the film from director J. J. Abrams. By the death of Carrie Fisher is unfortunately not possible, and had the story completely changed. That Hashtag Show, now reports that an actress is being sought for a prominent female character to play. The actress must be between forty and fifty years old.

In the books, Mara Jade ever a murderess, in the service of the Emperor, but she was later a Jedi and she married Luke. Mara would be a kind of new mentorfiguur should be for Rey.

The recordings start in June of this year, the cast will quickly have to be searched. December 2019 must be ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ in the cinema appear.

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