Intimate appjes Gordon on the street

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Now the president is about the relationship of Gordon with Kevin B. has walked, are dozens of intimate messages of the two men together on the street. A few of the ’thousands of WhatsApp-messages ” that Gordon and Kevin to each other sent, are included in the anonymised judgment.

“A treasure no words can describe the feeling I have in my body. And at every step dienik turn, I think of you and your great person dienje have become, but especially for me that one guy out of thousands that it really is worth to go for it!”, reads one of the messages. Or: “If you ever my husband want to be then I promise you much joy. But most of all lots of love!!!!! X.” “Jaaaaa. I want to be. Whahahalia.”

Also longer messages that Gordon and Kevin exchanged in the published on Monday judgment. So were the two extensively look at the fact that she is a half-year together. “Today we are 6 months in each other’s lives. Something we both think I do not for possible had kept. For me, a record anyway, because no one and I also not lasted longer with me than you are now hahahhahaha. I was and am sometimes still afraid that it’s all not true but if I to you am everything feels good again. The are the most beautiful months with my love life and I enjoy every second that I am you.”


In addition, it discussed the two their sex life, arguments, and plans for the future via WhatsApp. On the basis of the many posts, the court found that the fact that there was an ’affective and sexual relationship’. Kevin B. may no longer be ignored. He does that, then he must be a fine of 5000 euros to pay.

During the meeting, two weeks ago, warned the judge that intimate correspondence on the street could come to lie. The men were terrified of that note, and Gordon fought against his tears. Nevertheless, were the entertainer and doctor in training, there are not, and they asked the court to do.

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