Hans Kazan will often work with Mids

9fcace4ef5200b47aad28d7bf764e591 - Hans Kazan will often work with Mids

Hans Kazan does not exclude that in the future he again goes to work with Victor Mids. The illusionist was sitting in the gorillapak in the program MINDF*CK, it was in the last broadcast is known.

“Let’s face it, we are all two with the same box busy and keep out of that box,” said Kazan on Radio 10. “We do both on our own way. Victor, there is already too busy. It would be as well that I opduik at his shows in the AFAS Live in October, yes. But that, as with the gorillapak, shrouded in mystery. Like everything in our profession.”

From the very first episode of the illusieprogramma there was wild speculation about who is in the suit was hidden. But or Kazan for four years, the Mids’ assistant, he does not say. “As in more things in our profession, we must have, unfortunately for you, in the middle. But that is also the fun, everyone thinks there the his of. And that is exactly the intention of the type of program that Victor makes.”

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