Gordon wins injunction proceedings, ex

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In the by the ex Gordon, Kevin B. filed a summary judgment against Gordon is today by the court delivered its verdict: Gordon is at all points in the equal.

The request of Kevin to a contact and publicatieverbod is rejected and the counterclaim of Gordon is assigned. The court has established that Kevin is indeed a ’affective and sexual relationship with Gordon, and that the denial thereof is not true. The court relied on ” thousands of WhatsApp messages between the two. Given the quantity and the content of the messages is according to the court not to hold that there was no a relationship. The judge emphasised further that the message from Gordon about the relationship, therefore, explicitly not a fake news.

He further claims that Heuckeroth publicly is dismissed as a liar and fabulous and someone who out of sheer frustration dealing with the nature of the relationship. “Such utterances are no more harmful to consider for anyone, famous or not.”

Kevin has a ban got to be in the future, statements to do, in which he denies that he is an affective or a sexual relationship with Gordon has had. The court considers that a rectification is not needed, because the content of the judgment itself, if the correction can be considered, now it is expected to be advertising wide will be distributed.

Gordon: “I’m happy that these are the lies that Kevin about our relationship, and it has spread be publicly corrected. It is so painful, been to as a liar to be portrayed, while a great loving relationship they have had. Allows now a line be put under this sad page in my life and I can I’ll be back with full energy on new projects deposit, such as the opening of my new restaurant, The Toast Club in Amsterdam!”

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