Gordon gets no contactverbod imposed

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Gordon is by the court does not contactverbod imposed. Kevin B. may, in addition, the relationship can no longer be ignored. That puts the court in Lelystad, the netherlands Monday.

The judge had both parties offered to work together to come out, but that did not work.

The singer was by Kevin, who in February on social media by Gordon was labeled his new friend, indicted for stalking. Gordon and Kevin met each other in 2014 know and after a break a relationship got. The singer would have brought on holiday and various gifts for him have bought.

In the court told Kevin B. at the beginning of april that he the relationship was friendly. The court did not agree: look at the number of messages that the men over and over again have sent and the nature of the messages, it is clear that there was more. “That parties to an affective and sexual relationship have had is not a fake news, as judge of the court. It is in these summary proceedings to the judge to assess whether or not there is also a love affair.”

Social media

Kevin B. demanded initially that Gordon all the messages about him on social media deleted. When the presenter respond to the will of god, seemed to be summary proceedings even of the job. Kevin B. claimed, however, that Gordon still harasses.

The lawyer of the singer said that Gordon for the last message sent on march 3, and that absolutely there wouldn’t be stalking. Also, he stated that the entertainer is no longer in the public will talk about his “ex.” The court considers that the promise of the singer as sufficient.

Not only the contactverbod is not there, also the rectification, where Gordon asked for, will not receive a result. Kevin B. should the relationship no longer deny, he does this well, there should be a penalty of 5,000 euro to be paid.

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