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First crypto-currency with a purpose of use can now be traded

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Recently there is a new crypto-currency. RECO the new currency is called and stands for “Reference Line Coin” (English: purpose of coin).

RECO is the first crypto-currency, the ability to send transactions encrypted using the purpose to the recipient. What is nowadays, in the case of Bank transactions common in the world of crypto-currencies is not yet possible. Transactions
come and go to the accounts of the Sender and receiver without using purpose.

“This is unique and new,” says Christian Kassler, the developer of crypto-currency, RECO, and co-owner of CAD-KAS computer software GbR. “We wanted to create our own crypto-currency, based on its own Blockchain, which supports a purpose for the transactions,” says Kassler.

Of course, you could let the purpose also. But sometimes it is useful, if the sender would the money come from, or the like.

“Our Coin has a unique, new and very useful technology, which no other Coin has,” says Kassler.

Only with this Coin it is possible to send with the transaction that is encrypted using the purpose to the receiver. Per month at the time only about 840000 RECO would be generated Coins, you can buy now also on the new, German-language trading platform and sell.

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