FC Utrecht and wears Van Seumeren on hands

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Since last week, Frans van Seumeren immortalized in bronze next to the main entrance of The Galgenwaard stadium. A gift from the supportersclub of FC Utrecht for the man who, ten years ago, the major shareholder was, the club from financial ruin, saved, and have been a driving force behind the current boom. “I think it’s a great honor. Actually, it is a little too crazy. But it touches me in the heart. I find it especially nice that it’s out of the supportershoek. There you go for”, says Van Seumeren.

The lack of loyalty and professionalism in the world of football, Frans van Seumeren (m) be surprised. The major shareholder is fortunate with the team that he now has gathered at FC Utrecht, with supervisory board chairman Paul Verhoeff (l) and director of football cases Jordy Zuidam (r).

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