Father of 9 discovered: always infertile been

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Sidi Slimane – During a simple visit to the doctor was a father of nine children, to a shocking discovery. The man from Sidi Slimane, in the north-west of Morocco, was already 35 years happily married. A simple inspection at the urologist made sure that the life of the man completely on its head.

That reports The Newspaper on the basis of Moroccan media.

The father of nine, had a varicose vein in his testicles, causing blood can flow back into the scrotum. By a spataderkluwen the temperature in the scrotum to rise. And that is anything but favourable for the production of sperm.

The man turned out to be the condition to have ensured that he for years was barren. He could not have children… for fifty years.

The man who thought he was the proud father of his children sat in sackcloth and ashes after the outcome of the doktersonderzoek. The realization that his wife to him for years, cheating with another, who is the biological father of his nine kids, has given him so much hurt, that he will immediately divorce has requested.

Cheating is, according to Moroccan law punishable. The woman also imprisoned from a month to a year, above the head.

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