Drugsdealend torque stops cocaine in hug daughter

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GHENT – An Albanian couple was Monday morning before the court in the Belgian city for the years and years of dealing cocaine. During a search last year did agents a remarkable discovery. In the cuddly teddy bear of their 2-year-old daughter was ten grams of uncut cocaine stashed. The duo risk for up to thirty months in prison.

Not the teddy bear from the story.

The police came to the two on the track after statements from multiple ’customers’ of the couple. “I was sure that my daughter never with that bear could, he stood high on the cabinet,” said the father of the girl. “Those drugs were in the beer hidden, because I thought that the police are not between the children’s toys would find.”

Mother was complicit

The Public Prosecutor asks for thirty months in prison for the father and twelve months in prison for the mother. “Mrs. sold the drugs when her husband was not at home and is so complicit,” according to the ORDER.

“So We are with a mother who allows that there are drugs between the toys of her daughter hidden to keep it away from the police and who is also a drug seller,” the court noted.

130,000 euros

In addition to the prison sentences is asking the public ministry also 130,000 euros forfeited to declare. That money would then attach the face.

On 14 may the court ruling.

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