Dennis Weening takes life by force violently

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Dennis Weening found it ‘exciting’ to work with eight people who suffer from a serious ocd going on a trip. As a group they left for the programme Lifelong Coercion to Thailand. There were the participants under the guidance of experts therapy and assignments to their obsessive behavior to address.

Dennis Weening

In the third season, there are several people who are suffering from the. “That is when everyone in a different way,” says Dennis Weening, that the presentation of the program takes over from Jan Kooijman. “One of them, for example, already seven years no one in the house, because they are that dirty. And another wants no fingerprints of themselves leave, because they find that they themselves are not allowed to be.”

The 41-year-old presenter found it tough to see the lives of these people all in the sign of the compulsion. “I could take them to their heart’s skies,” says Dennis. Also, he was a cheerful tone. “The therapists were there for the serious approach. I threw sometimes a bit of humour in to make it a bit more light-hearted.”

Music therapy

A special moment during the recording sessions he had with Ricardo, who in all he does six positive thoughts to have. As soon as a negative thought comes up, he must re-do. “The therapists asked me if I wanted him to help with music, because we both really really love.” Together they sought a number that Ricardo could help to make his negative thoughts to suppress. That was Alive by Pearl Jam. “I have him, really a kind of music therapy given,” says Dennis proudly.

Dennis has itself a certain ‘forced features’. “Before I the door to go out, I always need a sip of cola or water to drink. Sometimes I’m already in my car and I forgot about it. Then I walk back. In the car I have nothing, suppose I thirst.”

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