Cumberbatch: Sherlock-criticism Freeman is such a sad thing

029423cdf916d165495c7f8de75c0d16 - Cumberbatch: Sherlock-criticism Freeman is such a sad thing

The comments of Martin Freeman about the fans of Sherlock Holmes is one of the star performers. That said his opponent Benedict Cumberbatch opposite The Telegraph.

Benedict Cumberbatch

The actor plays Sherlock in the series. Freeman has the role of Watson, but it seems there are enough of to have. In an interview with the same newspaper he left last month to know that the fans are a lot less attractive to Sherlock to work. “The expectations of some fans, that is not fun anymore,” says the actor. “The attitude is real: you can but it better be good, otherwise you’re a jerk. That takes the fun there be from.”

Cumberbatch looks clearly different. “It is rather sad if not more than that required to your image,” says the actor. “What, because of expectations? I’m not so agree. There is a certain level of obsession with something more of the fans is expected of those who make it. But I must say that that is not me in that degree touches.”

Last year, the fourth season of Sherlock. About a fifth series, nothing is yet known, although many fans assume that Freemans statements mean that he is not will return. Cumberbatch has signed on for a fifth season, but it is not clear if and when he does.

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