Ceo Korean Air sends his daughters to the avenue from

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Emily and Heather Cho, the two daughters of Cho Yang-ho, chairman of Korean Air, departing from the company. That has the South-Koreeanse news agency Yonhap reported. Both ladies were previously involved in incidents where they make their power abused.

Cho Yang-ho, chairman of Korean Air, took the decision to his daughters Emily and Heather, to dismiss. Emily, vice-president of the airline, and oldest daughter, Heather, recently started work at the hotel chain of Korean Air, will be replaced by professional managers. Cho apologized for the commotion caused by the behavior of his family members.

The redundancies come after an investigation was instituted into the behaviour of Emily Cho. They would during a meeting, a glass of water in the face of an employee of an advertising agency have thrown.

Heather was several months in the cell after the ‘nootjesincident’. In 2014, forcing them to a plane back to the gate at New York airport John F. Kennedy. She was furious because her macadamia nuts were served in a bag, and not in a bowl.

The case reinforces the debate in South Korea about the power of the huge industrial groups in the country, such as Samsung and Hyundai. There is more and more societal pressure for transparency in the corporations, which are controlled by a few families.

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