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Bladetec wants to open Britain’s largest mining farm

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The British IT Hardware business Bladetec is planning a report in the British newspaper The Telegraph estimated that to build the UK’s largest Bitcoin Mining Farm. The project is currently still in the planning. Investors can now for shares in the company reserve and on Bitcoin Mining.

The according to Reports, Bladetec is planning to build a Bitcoin Mining Farm to the value of 10 million British pounds (approximately 11.3 million Euro), in an area of 10,000 square meters.

Since 2002 the existing company established a new company under the name of The Third Bladetec Bitcoin Mining Company Limited (TBBMC). The Mining Farm is to be built according to the report, at three locations in London, Suffolk and Surrey.

For the implementation of the project, the company is selling shares, which requires a minimum investment of 5,000 British pounds. The revenue should be used to buy Mining Hardware, as well as to pay the electricity, property and administration costs.

The company claims that it has secured low-cost energy from wind power to cover a large part of the energy needs of the Mining farms. According to a recently published study, the Mining of Bitcoins in the UK cost an average of 8.402 USD of electricity. According to the company website, the entire Mining is to produce Farm 43 Tera-Hashes per second. With regard to the ways to win Bladtec has published the following graphic:

In an “Executive Summary” to the company but also that it is possible that the company could generate little revenue, if, for example, the number of miners in the Bitcoin network is increasing.

Also, according to the company website Bladetec announced that it was the first Bitcoin Mining company in Europe, which is founded by a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – authorized financing.

The proceeds from the Mining will certainly be in Off-Line Wallets, and lockers kept. Besides the Mining, the company plans to maximize the returns of shareholders by exploiting the volatility of Bitcoin. The net proceeds of which will be periodically distributed to the shareholders.

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