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Binance on new customers, user numbers explode

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Like pretty much every crypto currency exchange also Binance significant problems had to be the rush of new customers. Therefore, it was on the 04. January the registration of new customers by Binance exposed to. After only 4 days, the Exchange opened, but also for new customers, its services again and recorded since then, explosive growth. A record of 240,000 users within one hour!

On 08. January 2018 published Binance a press release, in which the Exchange has informed that there is a “limited” registration of new customers will be from that day. Every day there will be a limited number of customers, new registrations. The window of time that applies, can vary from day to day.

Binance is in the last few weeks, a growing popularity among customers from all over the world. As the CEO of Binance, Zhang Zain, said in an Interview with Bloomberg, noted the company is currently an explosive growth. The company on Wednesday, the 10. January, in just one hour 240.000 user re-registered. Weekly Binance takes, according to a statement by Zhang Zain, millions of new users.

In the last 24 hours Binance was with 4.3 billion dollars in transaction volume, the second largest stock exchange behind the Korean stock exchange Bithumb, was. reported $ 5.8 billion in transaction volume. In the Interview, Zain also admitted that not even he had expected such an enormous growth.

Binance operates its platform on the Basis of the Amazon Web and Cloud-Computing Services (such as Netflix). Zain said in the Interview that he had to hire a staff that throughout the day, new requests server capacity from Amazon to the new registrations, technically cope with.

On the question of Bloomberg presenter, what he thinks of Warren buffet’s Comments that crypto-currencies will take a bad end, Zhang said Zain:

“Warren Buffett is a guy I respect from the investment point of view, really. But I don’t think he understands crypto currencies at all. It is what it is. I respect him still in other Parts of his expert knowledge. But I think in the case of crypto-currencies, he makes a big mistake.“

The complete Interview with Bloomberg:

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