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Binance Login problems: No Hack confirmed Changpeng Zhao

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One of the largest crypto stock exchanges in the world, Binance, had prepared the afternoon of its users occasionally have problems. The page was for a short time down, and some visitors could not log in. The Problem, however, was resolved successfully.

This afternoon, the discomfort in the Binance telegram group and a veritable Chaos of piled up broke. After not been able to log in, some users of the platform, and broke in consequence of great panic. The Problem occurred in many Parts of the world and was not limited to a particular country or Region.

Immediately, the presumption in the room, that Binance target of a hacker could attack again. This news spread like a purgatory on social media and caused great unrest within the market.

The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao,, however, reacted immediately and informed immediately via Twitter. He explained that the Problem was only a “small” internal error in the Software that was resolved within the next 30 to 60 minutes. All credit balances, which were at this time on Binance, are safe.

For a short period of time also withdrawals were locked, to check everything in Detail before anything was released.

Zhao infomrierte in a whole series of further Tweets from the audience.

This event shows once again how fast and dangerous a rumor spread in today’s age of social media, and for restlessness. Through constant communication and regular Updates, as we are of Binance been used, was informed the rumor, however, quickly and greater Chaos can be prevented.

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