Big loss for Juventus in crucial phase

2924223d877a6a892fdb6b87774b0f75 - Big loss for Juventus in crucial phase

Juventus must be in the decisive phase of the season provisionally do without defender Giorgio Chiellini.

Giorgio Chiellini leaves injured the field.

The Italian international has last Sunday in the lost the top match against Napoli (0-1) a dijbeenblessure incurred. He had already after eleven minutes to the side.

According to Juventus, there is a tear in his left hamstring. The clubleiding mentioned on the website yet how long Chiellini out of the rotation. It is possible his season is over.

With still four games to play, Juventus a lead of only one point at Napoli. The title plays on the 9th of may in the Italian cup final against AC Milan.

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