Armenian prime minister Serge Sarkissian resigns

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Serge Sarkissian, the prime minister of Armenia resigns. Report this to the national media in the country. The dismissal of Sarkissian comes after the continued protest against his appointment.

‘I’m leaving the function of leader of the country, that is Sarkissian quoted by the Armenian state media. He stressed that he in response to the requirement of the people living on the street had come. There is in Armenia for eleven days in a row, argued against his appointment to the first minister.

‘I was wrong’

‘Pasjinjan was right. I was wrong’, says it is still in the declaration of Sarkissian. Opposition leader Nikol Pasjinjan, who is also the leader of the protest, was earlier in the day been released after one day of captivity.

Sarkissian was for ten years president of Armenia, but earlier this year he had that function, because he is no longer allowed to be re-elected. Since last week Tuesday he was again prime minister of the country.

Since a constitutional revision in 2015 the presidency in Armenia, mainly protocol. The real executive power is in the hands of the prime minister. According to the opposition had an amendment to the constitution only aim is to be the real power in the hands of Sarkissian.

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