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World of wonder Interview: New media platform for fair Standards

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We had to interview the occasion of the world of the wonders of the C3 Crypto Conference in Berlin. We were told of the problems of the producers and publishers, and we learned the Details to the media platform, which is soon to the TV industry shake up.

CT: We were quite surprised by the traditional media to be found on the C3 Crypto Conference!

World of wonder is a programme which has been running for more than 20 years. We have built in these years a huge media library. Since we are in Pro7, we are actually both the producer and the Publisher.

CT: Why are you here at the conference?

If you want to have fun in the ICO environment, then you do not come to these conferences to speak out for marketing purposes and simply to the people present. Many must first be stated that we are now in a transmitter, some questions to us: “Where can I find you in satellite TV?”.

Producers and publishers have two big problems: the license trade in the media environment is not fair and has no Standards. With fair I mean that a great player can make in the industry a small in case of doubt, always flat, because he can sit out the legal aspects with enough well-paid lawyers. Another point would be that there is no Central marketplace. There are conferences such as the MIP in Cannes, NAB in Las Vegas or the IBC in Amsterdam, however, small participants have to enter hardly a Chance of the big stages, because there is no suitable platform.

We license’s take HBO’s Game of Thrones and Pro7, Pro7 wants to Game of Thrones, then the two units have to negotiate for every season new contracts. It’s mad funny. It is not as if you would use standard contracts. 30-50% of the budget goes to the market, courts, lawyers and sales people.

Therefore, we need to look at such a Low-Budget nonsense on RTL with “Out of Germany”. Because no more money is being spent!

Because it matters, neither the Publisher nor the manufacturer. World of wonder has shown in the past few years, always with a certain amount of use, idea and commitment, you can produce brilliant Content. This world of wonder is also known to Complex content easily. That is exactly what we want to solve, with a platform we use Standard contracts. We put all of our Content from the past 20 years. We already have this license trade business, if N24 or anyone else in the us, you need to go in the future, all through this platform. We are already talking with the BBC, we have a children’s channel, depending on how this platform is now being developed, will go faster or slower, or international, or later in the international.

CT: The platform will then exist just for all of your Content?

Not only that, we are just the first Tank-filling. World of wonders is so completely detached from the platform. We add the platform of the media, use the platform but also from the other side. We have channels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which must of course be filled with all that we produce ourselves but we also need to buy productions.

The platform must, of course, something of life, we think of a profit margin of 10%, but 30-50%. We want to create new Standards for small producers attractive. Through the ICO, we also have some financial Background, and producers are able to Finance both, as well as in the fight against large stations stand by.

Larger publishers, who take advantage of their monopoly positions, can then be the same under pressure and the producers say: “we would recommend to do business!”

CT: Why are you doing this?

It is our Fundamental aim to improve the Situation, so we don’t have more so must all such nonsense. Shows like “bet that” and “The Voice of Germany” reached a campfire-like atmosphere in the living room, meanwhile, such programmes exist.

CT: What are your ICO figures?

We are currently in a closed Pre-Sale and will start in a few days, the global Pre-Sale. This is supposed to be until the end of July ready. We want to collect at least 3-5 million Euro, all further capital will then be used for internationalization and for future productions.

We have a 20-year-old media-library must be digitized, and the ICO is simply an accelerator.

Can stop us nothing, really.

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