Van Persie frustrated by missing the Coolsingel

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For the first time in a long career, won Robin van Persie a Dutch price with Feyenoord. The experienced striker had a hit, a share in the profits on AZ (3-0).

Robin van Persie is delighted with the golden pine cone.

“I’m so happy,” said Van Persie, who in 2002 won the UEFA Cup with Feyenoord. “Fifteen years ago I played with Feyenoord in a cup final against FC Utrecht. We got an incredible beating”, that he meant a defeat of 4-1.

“Fortunately, we have now won. I was extremely determined to to win. Such verliespartijen are not fine. There was definitely talk of revanchegevoelens. Unfortunately, we celebrate the feast (because of work, red.) not on the Coolsingel, where I sit for years on the aces!”

The 34-year-old Van Persie was nervous when on Sunday he woke up, he confessed. “But fortunately I have the balance between my nerves and excitement to find. All was well for a long and exciting day. And, score I with the right. Yes, I am very happy with it. We were already weeks with this final busy. In the league, it has not succeeded, but fortunately, we have the cup won.”

Van Persie would still not confirm that he next season for Feyenoord soccer. “This is where we meet in the coming weeks a while back,” he said.

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