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TRON performs Airdrop to Ethereum owner

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TRON Labs, the company behind the crypto-respecting TRX, yesterday announced that it will conduct a “random”Airdrop for all owners of Ethereum, which have kept after 01.01.2018 at least one Ether.

Overall, TRON would like to distribute 30 million TRX Token to the Ethereum community. The action is meant as a thank you to the Ethereum community for the support during the ERC20-Phase of TRON. Overall, TRON is about 1.7 million USD to TRON free and ETH owner free of charge to distribute.

For the Airdrop, all of the owners of Ethereum is intended to be qualified, the

  • an account in the public Blockchain from 01.01.2018 00:00:02 PM (UTC) until 20. April 2018 00:00:04 p.m. (UTC) and Ether sent or received (Block 4.832.686 to Block 5.471.198),
  • an account on the 20. April 2018 00:00:04 PM (UTC), in Block 5.471.198 and a balance of at least one ETH.

The amount of Airdrops will result in unusually, randomly. Like TRON Labs, communicate via a Medium, to select an amount between 10 TRX – 100 TRX is for each user at random.

Although TRON Labs greatly appreciates the opportunity to be able to during the early stage of development of the Ethereum Blockchain and the ERC20 Standard used. At the same time the TRON Team can also not resist the competition to fuel the fight, by omitting it from criticism (freely translated):

However, we have discovered during our time on the Ethereum platform, many of the problems and bottlenecks. If we see a Problem we will solve it. For this reason, TRON the Ethereum Community of TRX is to provide the people of our High-End TPS platform (Anm.: TPS = Transactions per Seond) and TRX utilize experience, as well as your decision for TRON meeting.

The determination of the necessary data should be done according to the Medium of the Post within the next week, and the credit of the TRX shortly thereafter. For Ethereum owner, no further action will be required. In particular, the TRON Team has also noted that it will not ask ETH owners about your Private Keys.

From the 21. June 2018 will begin the porting of the TRX – ERC20 Tokens to the TRX Coin, based on the Mainnet and the TRON’s own Blockchain. The Start of the publicly available Mainnets to follow a few days later.

The Airdrop can be viewed from our point of view, as a good Marketing action, in order to obtain on the one hand, attention and convince on the other hand, maybe really one or the other Ethereum Investor of TRON.

The price of TRON’s moves, however, sideways with a slight negative trend and veliert of 5.75 per cent within the last 24 hours and currently stands at a price of 0.042 euros.

The market capitalisation stands at the time of writing, at just under 2.8 billion euros and TRON currencies of occupied space 14 of the largest Crypto. Further course of the Top 100 crypto currencies you can find in our course overview.

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