Tourists stoned kangaroo death

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Visitors of a zoo in Southern China have recently launched two kangaroos pelted with stones in an attempt to bring the animals to make them jump. A kangaroo was killed, another injured. That report in the local media.

According to local media were the kangaroos injured in two separate incidents in march. The visitors threw stones to make them more to move.

A female kangaroo of the twelve-year-old came to live after she was taken by a sharp stone. From a coroner’s report shows that the kangaroo a fist-sized blood clot near the kidney.

The second kangaroo, a five-year-old male, injured, but he will probably recover completely.

In the zoo, animals are more pelted, say employees.

“We really need to put up signs to the visitors to remember the animals in a humane manner to handle,” says an employee. “We also have all of the stones near the residence removed. Although we think that the tourists they are from elsewhere bring.’

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