Topscorerstitel cold comfort for Weghorst

dfe493bffc1d0e0083dd9ba0fb374893 - Topscorerstitel cold comfort for Weghorst

Wout Weghorst handle with AZ in addition to the KNVB cup, but the striker of the Dutch team may be the topschutter of the cup.

Wout Weghorst is deeply disappointed

Weghorst made this season, nine goals. The striker remained dry in the lost final against Feyenoord (0-3), but was in the previous five bekerrondes always accurate.

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The last time the topschutter of the cup so many goals made, was Jack the Vulture in the season 1999-2000. The Vulture was then twelve time accurate for NEC. AZ resulted in the seasons 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 with Jozy Altidore (eight goals) and Aron Jóhannsson (six) also the top scorer in the cup. Last season was Lewis Baker of Vitesse the most surefire player with five hits.

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