The gang of 700 million in Dossier X

101f9ea6e2acf4036d98d2169f6287a6 - The gang of 700 million in Dossier X

Monday brings Jeroen Wils in File X the penalty story of Paul Meyer and his so-called ‘Gang of 700 million, one of the most talked-about drugszaken of our country. Meyer is a flamboyant Dutchman, smuggled for probably 700 million euros in drugs and fake cigarettes through the port of Antwerp our country, but was always a gentleman. He was arrested, convicted, sat in the meantime his sentence and recently did his side of the story from the paintings in a book. Monday let File X the people of the word that Meyer and his gang eventually klisten. In the report zittten also unique pieces from the judicial research and reconstructions.

The gang of Meyer is active in Antwerp between 2003 and 2007. They play a long time, a cat-and-muisspel with the detectives. Each member of the gang had more than one mobile phone, they speak, moreover, in speaking, and they have no fixed office. They operate from a fitness center that they had purchased. The gang feels a long time untouchable. At the peak of their success buy the criminals in Thailand is a luxury resort with five villas, a swimming pool and a hotel, where she regularly stays. But in January 2006, an end to their luxeleventje.

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